John Calvin Quotes & Books

John Calvin is no doubt one of the most well-known as well as misunderstood Theologians and Pastors of all-time. He wrote many books and letters.  Some of which are below.  We pray you are blessed by the quotes and hope that you will take the time to read some books this great man of God wrote.


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A genuine and an undoubted proof of our faith

…this is a genuine and an undoubted proof of our faith, when, being visited with adversity, we, notwithstanding, persevere in cherishing and exercising hope in God.

Commenting on Ps. 7:1-2

Overcoming evil by doing good

But when a man not only keeps himself from revenging the injuries which he has received, but endeavours to overcome evil by doing good, he manifests one of the graces of a renewed and sanctified nature, and in this way proves himself to be one of the children of God; for such meekness proceeds only from the Spirit of adoption.

Commenting on Ps. 7:3-5

The highest wisdom

... there is no resolution to which we can come which is better advised than the resolution to depend upon God, and that to repose on his salvation, and on the assistance which he hath promised us, even although we may be surrounded with calamities, … [Continue reading]

Holiness of life is tied to the grace of election

God’s eternal election (Eph. 1:4) is the basis both of our calling and of all the benefits that we receive from him… The timing of our election shows that it had to be free and could not have depended on any works of ours… Holiness and … [Continue reading]

The same promise!

After Adam had ruined himself and all his posterity by his deadly fall, this is the basis of our salvation, this the origin of the church: that we have been uprooted from the deepest darkness and have obtained a new life sheerly by the grace of God; … [Continue reading]

The patience of Christ

But he commends to us the patience of Christ on two accounts, because he endured a most bitter death, and because he despised shame. He then mentions the glorious end of his death, that the faithful might know that all the evils which they may endure … [Continue reading]